Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Imperialist Aggression in Libya

Press Release:
Support the Struggling Masses of Arab Countries!
Imperialist Intervention can never be the Solution!
Condemn and Resist Imperialist Aggression in Libya!

The rebellious masses of Libya are locked in a bitter struggle against its dictator Gaddafi, facing his murderous suppression. This is a just struggle enjoying the support of people throughout the world. But the attacks done by the US, France, Britain, Italy and other imperialist powers in Libya are unjust. They must be condemned and opposed. Though this is being done under the pretext of saving the Libyan masses it is a war of aggression. Its main aim is to replace Gaddafi with a more suppliant ruler. It has nothing to do with supporting the masses. This is well exposed by the reality of their bombing Libya, while actively supporting the equally brutal suppression of the struggling masses in Bahrain which is home to the US military command in West Asia. The protests of the Indian government, along with those of Russia, China and Brazil must also be exposed and condemned as mere propagandist posturing. Instead of blocking the UN sanction for imperialist aggression, they had simply abstained. Thus they too connived in the preparation and execution of the present imperialist aggression in Libya.
The struggle in Libya is part of the great mass upheaval sweeping across the Arab world. It has already toppled dictators, long protected by imperialists, in Tunisia and Egypt. Many others are severely threatened. Though all the imperialists and reactionaries have publicly supported these struggles, the real fact is that they are deeply concerned. They worry that decades old relations of neocolonial domination set up in West Asia and North Africa will unravel. They know that these struggles reflect the deep anger of the masses against the existing exploitative, oppressive conditions in these countries. The yearning of the people for basic change is yet to arrive at distinct emancipatory programmatic positions. But their opposition to nominal changes, to the continuation of the old order in new forms, has persisted. This radical stream, with the potential to develop into revolution, is the one of greatest promise for the oppressed. It will be realized to the extent conscious Maoist intervention is possible. Meanwhile even as a potential possibility it threatens imperialism and reaction. Therefore one important aspect of the present imperialist intervention in Libya is that of threatening the struggling masses into ‘permissible’ limits of protest.
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) NAXALBARI
20th March, 2011

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