Thursday, July 11, 2013

Naxalbari No: 4, Editorial


The Challenges before the Maoists

   The millennia started with the hype of ushering in an era of undisputed victory of capitalism under the aegis of the US imperialism’s aggressive march as the self-proclaimed sole leader of the world. It is interesting to note that the quick sand of economic crisis was being simultaneously created. Their millennial proclamation was soon followed by their wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact these wars, which reflected the megalomaniac great power ambitions of the U.S. manifested through the Bush Jr. regime, played a vital role in the generation of the crisis. This aspect has not been duly acknowledged. Rather the focus is narrowed down to the speculative bubbles of financialisation. The fact of the matter remains that the crises that periodically affects the capitalist economy given its striving for over production driven by greed for profits continues in this century. Not only that, it is accentuated by financialisation, which makes the economy all the more vulnerable. All of this built towards a spiralling crisis leading to the worst ever recession modern society has seen. The fall out inevitably led to sharp decline in the living standards of the vast majority of the marginalised masses all over the world including that of the first world advanced nations. The imperialists tried to present a bold face through attempts to tackle this unitedly, even giving some place to emerging Third World powers like China and India. But their patch work solutions have only created an environment for stagnation and further crisis. At the same time they limit their options for future damage control.  Their desperate attempts to simulate the economy while trying to maximise profits and impose the burden on the masses has further aggravated the situation. It has led to widespread displacements and migration, unemployment and underemployment, sharp increase in poverty levels, hunger and suicides.


Issue no: 4 of the NAXALBARI, political journal of the 

CPI(M-L)NAXALBARI, is posted.  

This issue contains a comprehensive repudiation of Avakianism, the deviation  promoted by the RCP, USA as a 'New Synthesis'.


The Challenges before the Maoists

Against Avakianism

The Situation in Nepal

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