Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Message of CPI(M-L) NAXALBARI To 7th Congress of CPN-Maoist

Message to

7th Congress of Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist

Dear comrades

     Lal Salam!
     We greet you on this historic occasion and apologise for not being able to participate directly. Please accept this message instead.

     Mao Tsetung has taught us the decisive importance of a correct ideological, political line. The history of your party itself stands testimony to this. With a correct line, it could rebel against the Teng Siao Ping revisionists who seized power through a coup in 1976, destroyed the historic advances made through the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and restored capitalism in socialist China. Thus, persisting on the path laid down by Mao Tsetung, your party played an important role in the international struggle to uphold the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the wake of this setback, the struggle that led to the formation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM). Further on, by deepening the struggle to uphold and apply Maoism, your party ruptured from dogmato-revisionist views that blocked revolution. It forged a correct line and boldly initiated the people’s war. The great gains of this glorious war, “creation of People's Liberation Army, establishment of base areas and people's government, role played by workers, peasants, women, indigenous nationalities and Dalits, and the awareness developed in this whole process”, were principally the gains of the correct line followed by your party. Today most of them are lost. This is the outcome of the subversion of the Maoist line and the imposition of a revisionist line by the Prachanda-Bhattarai clique. In both its advances and setbacks, the history of the international communist movement and its national contingents confirms the truth ‘The correctness or incorrectness of the line decides everything’.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Message to the Hamburg International Conference

Message to the International Conference to Support People's War in India
Hamburg, November 2012


This conference is taking place at an opportune moment in the history of the development of the class struggle, not only from the perspective of the history of development of the Maoist movement in India but also from the perspective of the critical juncture of the socio-economic and political phase the world as a whole is presently going through. In a world marked by aggressive moves of the sole super power US imperialism, the rapid advance of people’s war in Peru led by the PCP and later, from 1996, of the people’s war in Nepal led by CPN (Maoist) came as new rays of hope for the downtrodden and the toiling masses of the world. But these movements could not sustain their role of strengthening the Maoist pole; firstly, due to the setback in Peru caused by consecutive arrests of top leadership of PCP and later the confusion created by ROL attack and secondly, due to the betrayal of the Prachanda-Bhattarai revisionists in Nepal. This was worsened further with the dissolution of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) which was shaping itself as the embryonic centre of the world Maoist movement. It fell victim to those very trends mentioned above, which came from within it, along with Avakianism propounded under the guise of ‘New Synthesis’ by the RCP, USA. It is in this background that this conference attains higher significance. It is not just an act of showing solidarity to our struggling comrades in arms in the dense forests of Central Eastern India but it is shouldering the momentous task of spreading the message of revolution guided by Maoism, which is an urgent need of the hour, particularly in these times of global imperialist crisis. The CPI (ML) NAXALBARI extends its wholehearted support to this endeavour. Our party salutes the International Committee to Support People's War in India for conceptualising and successfully implementing it. We extend revolutionary greetings to all those who are attending this seminar and also to all those who, like us, participate indirectly.

Remembering comrade Hafiz

Central Committee,
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Dear comrades,
We condole the death of comrade Hafiz, a veteran Maoist and staunch proletarian internationalist. He is remembered by us, especially for his effort to ensure the success of the historic Expanded Meeting of the RIM, which adopted Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as its ideological guide.